Sirena Wills

Sirena teaches singing and dance at Telford Stage School.

Sirena is a recent graduate from the Academy of Contemporary Music where She received a BA Honours Degree in Vocal Music Performance. She was taught by industry professionals, giving her up to date knowledge of the best performance and vocal techniques.

Sirena has a background of dance, attending her first dance class at the age of 5 and has performed at numerous events including the Molineux Football Stadium in Wolverhampton.

Sirena has sang at several events, most notably, a charity event in honour of Lee Rigby where she performed alongside along side X-factor contestants. She has also performed at various venues in Surrey where she has headlined and supported other artists.

“I have a strong passion for teaching. Now that I have graduated from University I am keen to pass on what I have learned. Music and dance are such a fun and organic way of expressing yourself and I feel that it’s a creative art that everyone can learn and enjoy. 

It gives me joy to see pupils become more confident, learn new skills, develop their interests and spark new passions!”