Telford Stage Schools Academy

SINGING LESSONS 1pm – 2pm weekly

AM ACADEMY: 10am – 1pm weekly

PM ACADEMY: 1pm – 3pm weekly





Reduced when paid in advance.

Singing Lessons

  1. Vocal Warm-Ups and Exercises: Each lesson begins with a series of vocal warm-ups and exercises to prepare your voice for singing. These exercises are essential for developing good vocal habits and preventing strain.
  2. Technique Development: Our coaches will work with you to develop proper vocal techniques, including breath control, pitch accuracy, diction, and tone quality. You will learn how to use your voice efficiently and effectively.
  3. Repertoire Building: You will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical styles and genres. Our coaches will help you select and work on songs that suit your voice and interests, allowing you to build a diverse repertoire.
  4. Performance Skills: In addition to vocal technique, we also focus on performance skills. You will learn how to convey emotion, connect with your audience, and deliver a confident and compelling performance.

Let the magic begin!

Our Acadamy – Sing, Dance and Act

Each student works within a group of students their own age and friendship group. We usually have 3 to 4 age groups per Academy session. Each term they work on a theme e.g. songs from 90’s Spice girls etc. Or Frozen, Peter Pan etc.

The dance, singing, drama is based around the theme. At the end of each term they perform in the show ( if they wish). They have one costume usually cost £10 or less.

The first half of the term parents are invited to watch the last 10 minutes of the session. They can see what their child has been working on. It also enables the children to gain confidence performing.

The second part of the term parents do not watch it gives us longer to rehearse and it has a surprise element for the parents in the show.


We are blessed to have wonderful students from an array of backgrounds who work and play together as a community. Life skills and confidence are built into our sessions.

All fees PAY AS YOU GO or reduced when paid in advance. We realise that your child might not be able to attend every Saturday due to family commitments and ask that you just inform us of theses times. As we are Pay As You Go we do not offer free trial classes Sorry.

Hours of Dance, Drama, Singing, Performance skills with regular shows. its all about having FUN!!! And learning new skills. Suitable for ages 4 to 19+ (attending school ). We are flexible in our approach.

Our uniform is black. black leggings / trousers T shirts available £8 – £12.

Please wear comfortable clothes & shoes. You are welcome to bring a snack and a drink [plastic containers with secure lids only please.]


The Hadley Learning Community,
Waterloo Road,

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