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 Singing Teacher Sirena Wills

Introduction to Telford Stage School’s Expert Singing Teacher

Sirena Wills: Singing Teacher at Telford Stage School

At Telford Stage School, we are proud to have Sirena Wills as our dedicated and experienced singing teacher. Sirena brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our school, inspiring students of all ages to explore their musical talents.

About Sirena Wills

Education and Professional Background

Sirena Wills holds a BA Honours Degree in Vocal Music Performance from the Academy of Contemporary Music. During her studies, she trained under esteemed industry professionals, including Jono McNeil, a vocal coach for “The Voice” and a celebrity vocal coach. This rigorous education provided her with advanced performance and vocal techniques, which she now imparts to her students.

Performance Experience

Sirena’s journey in dance began at the tender age of five. Over the years, she has showcased her talents at numerous prestigious events, such as the Molineux Football Stadium in Wolverhampton. Her extensive experience includes performing alongside contestants from popular shows like X-Factor and The Voice, as well as headlining and supporting other artists at various venues across Surrey, Essex, and the Midlands.

Currently, Sirena is working on her debut album. Her connections with popular radio stations, high-profile DJs, and industry producers grant her access to top-tier recording studios, further enhancing her teaching capabilities with real-world industry insights.

Sirena Wills’ Teaching Philosophy

Passion for Music and Dance

Sirena Wills is deeply passionate about music and dance as forms of self-expression. She believes that these arts are fun, organic ways for individuals to express themselves creatively. This belief drives her commitment to teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with her students at Telford Stage School.

Commitment to Student Development

Sirena finds immense joy in seeing her students grow. She is dedicated to helping them become more confident, learn new skills, develop their interests, and ignite new passions. Her teaching approach is rooted in making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Sirena’s Personal Teaching Statement

“I have a strong passion for teaching and passing on the industry knowledge I have acquired through university and industry experience. Music and dance are such a fun and organic way of expressing yourself, and I feel that it’s a creative art that everyone can learn and enjoy. It gives me joy to see pupils become more confident, learn new skills, develop their interests, and spark new passions!”

Why Choose Sirena Wills as Your Singing Teacher?

Expertise and Experience

Sirena’s comprehensive education and rich performance history equip her with unique insights and skills that benefit her students. Her ability to blend academic knowledge with practical experience makes her an exceptional singing teacher at Telford Stage School.

Personalized Teaching Approach

Sirena tailors her teaching methods to meet the individual needs of each student. She understands that every student is unique and works diligently to ensure that each one receives the attention and guidance they need to thrive.

Industry Connections

Sirena’s ongoing involvement in the music industry provides her students with invaluable exposure to real-world opportunities. Her connections with industry professionals offer students insights and experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning.

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Are you looking to enhance your singing skills under the guidance of a dedicated and experienced singing teacher? Look no further than Sirena Wills at Telford Stage School. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Sirena’s expertise and passion for teaching will help you achieve your musical goals.

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